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Red Phoenix Interview

Interview with the author of my FAVORITE book:
Brie Learns the Art of Submission by Red Phoenix

I feel like the luckiest chick in the entire world right now. I have found an author that is so wonderful, a complete rock star, who is FOR REAL one of my favorites; and I’m not saying this to rub shoulders or get anything out of it, I’m serious. Brie Learns the Art of Submission: Submissive Training Center is by far my new favorite book. And somehow, I’ve found her at the BEGINNING of what I know will end up being an incredible career as an author. I became a fan in the nick of time to join in on her very 1st release party, and now I get to be on her “Cherry Poppin’ Book Blog Tour”! Since begging for her book when I read about it on smashwords, I’ve talked to Red almost every day! I’ve never been so excited and enthralled. I have literally pimped this book all over my blog/page, whether it be with reviews, character pick collages, chatting with other fans on her Group Pages. Anyone who will listen to me, I’ve RAVED about this series! And now, why do I feel like the luckiest chick in the world? Because my new idol has granted me an interview! Squee! She’s pretty private about her personal life, but I think I’ve come up with some really great questions that she’ll be willing to answer that will make us fall even more at her feet ;-)

The first encounter…
Let’s get to know a little about Red Phoenix herself!
What are you wearing? (asked in sleazy stalker voice…)
When I went to Asia and took all the pics of Brie to post on my FB page, I bought a matching set of underwear (a big thing for young couples there). Under my dress I am wearing a sexy white bra and panty set with red and black hearts. Hubby is wearing a matching, very alluring form-fitting boxer. (Not like I have seen here in the US. It properly displays the male package.) We wore them as a reminder we are connected throughout the day. Sexy!
Let me buy you a drink…what would you like?
If we are partying all night long - Red Bull and vodka. If we are hanging out for a few hours - a good jammy red wine.
Damn, your status says taken. And after a little FBI research, it says he very much values your privacy. But please, we gotta know, tell us just a little about him:
This man is my hero, my lover, my friend. I have never loved anyone as much as I love him. It is a beautiful addiction and we are equally obsessed.
Give us the backstory to YOUR romance:
That is an easy answer. I have given a fictionalized account of our love affair in my Phoenix series under the pen name, Michelle Stevens. But be forewarned – it is not erotica and it is an account of my spiritual journey as well.
You’re a girl after my own heart, tatted up! Is your phoenix tat your only one?
Yes. I have never had a tat before, but when Brie was published as a complete novel, I got the phoenix (created by a fan) tattooed on my left shoulder. Unlike the one on my covers, this one is very colorful. Why? Because I have a colorful personality and I love the beauty of rainbows. I was in the chair for three and a half hours, but I was surprised that is was not a painful as I was expecting.
 It becomes relaxing.
Have you thought about your next one?
No, I knew this would be my one and only. I am a phoenix. I have crashed and burned on several occasions, but I get back up again. It is worthy of my skin. It is the only symbol my husband and I want on my body.
Do you have any pets?
Currently, only a dog and a cat.
Ok, done with small talk. How about a little foreplay to get us warmed up for the good stuff….
Why did you choose Red Phoenix as your pseudonym?
I have spoken to it in my answer about the tat. I am a phoenix, but I am also a redhead.
Hence, the Red Phoenix.
On your profile you said that you didn’t realize you were submissive until later in life. What made you discover this about yourself? Was there an epiphany?
It was an answer that was waiting to be discovered. I honestly needed to get to a point where *I* wasn’t embarrassed by my sexuality and his requests. I often wonder why it took me so long, but there is nothing to hold us back now. I have never been happier.
What advice would you give to a wife (or significant other) who is having these feelings and wants her husband to take her seriously?
Here is an excellent article by Cari Silverwood on that subject that I like to share when asked that question. See article here!
Now that our blood is pumping a little faster,
let’s get busy (evil grin)…
Fantasy that you’d write in your fantasy journal that has NOT come true yet:
It is too risky because we don’t want to freak out innocent bystanders, but I totally want to be kidnapped by my hubby in broad daylight when I least expect it.
Ice cubes or hot wax:
Hot sensuous wax…
Lights on or off:
On, on, on!
Chocolate or whipped cream:
Foreplay or roleplay:
What is your favorite “scene”:
Warrior fantasy, baby! Hot, passionate, rough warrior sex
What’s the strangest thing anyone has ever asked you to do to them?
My lips are sealed.
Have you done any power plays in public like in your book?
We enjoy secret games that no one realizes we are playing.
What are some toys you have in your treasure chest?
Favorites? By far the Hitachi Magic Wand and nylon rope.
At first, Brie puts a few things in her application that she thinks she won’t like because she has never tried them before. Then she ends up loving them! Has there been anything that you were scared to try and then you totally fell in love with it?
In many ways Brie shares my fears and, like her, I find facing my fears provides new avenues of pleasure.
What about that you ended up not enjoying?
I can only take a certain amount of pain before it becomes distracting and kills the mood.
If you could have a threesome with your hubby and one other hotty, who would it be?
His carbon copy. OMG, two of him at the same time. I don’t think there could be anything better!
Wow…was that as good for you as it was for me?
How about a little pillow talk…
You’re book can actually be used as a how-to if you are wanting to get into D/s roles. I can now tell you from experience that the hints and tips that Mr. Gallant gives the class REALLY WORK. What were your resources?
Experience, experimentation, and research.
What is your favorite genre of books?
These days I enjoy romance laced with the erotic.
I’m going to say a genre/ type of books and you name your favorite title in each. Ready? Go:
Romance: Gone with the Wind, Jane Eyre, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables
Mystery: Not into mysteries, sorry.
Horror: Interview with a Vampire, Jurassic Park
Printed before you were born: I like so many, but here are a few more - White Fang, East of Eden, and Black Beauty
Tragedy: A true tragedy is Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Tears…
Classic: A Christmas Carol
All-time favorite book: Where the Red Fern Grows
Favorite authors (you’ll read pretty much anything they put out):
Unfortunately, there will be no more new books from my favorite authors. I like the oldies best.
I have a few requirements when reading for me to LOVE a book. For example, it has to have some hot love scenes, a great guy you fall for, and a chick you’d love to be your bff. For you, what is required for a book to be AWESOME?
I must be able to relate to the main character. He/she has to have a trait I admire or wish I had. I need to get lost in the book - the real world disappears while I am reading. The story must have some kind of positive message or new perspective I can take away for it.
What is your dream when it comes to your work?
Do you want to stay an indie or would you like to go bigger?
I like being an indie. The only reason I would consider a publisher is to get my books into bookstores and grocery stores. Grocery stores - how funny is that? 
What is my dream? More than anything, I would love to see Brie as a sexy cable series.

Thank you SO MUCH for granting me this interview! You have truly been an inspiration. Talking to you and making friend with your other fans has made me so happy I just can’t explain it. You really have the best fans in the world (me included, hehe). Many have even said that my review of Brie Learns the Art of Submission: Submissive Training Center is the best review they’ve read, and if they hadn’t read the book already, they definitely would’ve now. They are so supportive, and are so enthusiastic about all things RED and each other, I feel like I’m part of a sisterhood now. We may be just a bunch of desperate housewives, living normal, mundane lives; but through you, we get to imagine a world of erotic romance and excitement like no other! Before I found you and your fantastic stories, I had my books to escape to. But now, even though I may not have friends in the flesh who love the things I do, I now have a whole pack of women who share in on all the fun in your Facebook Groups, and on other pages as well. I feel a little more complete, so THANK YOU RED!
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  1. Wow, Kayla, you got a lot out of me in one interview! It was fun and exhausting. ;)


  2. Loved your questions Kayla! Thank you for trying to get Red to reveal more to us though it is fun that she stays mysterious in many ways!

  3. Wonderful interview, I feel I can relate to Brie also, I'm 45 and just realizing that I was born to be a submissive and have found a wonderful master at the same time. We are reading the books together and they are like a how-to for new and old Doms and subs. Have to thank my kids for getting me a Kindle for Christmas:) If they only knew;) lol

  4. Great job!! Thank you for all you did for the tour. :-) Love the picture w/ your new shirt!! :-D

  5. Awesomeness Kayla! Just Awesome! I loved the little blurb at the end. Desperate Housewives had me cracking up. I feel the same as you finding Red, her books, and the group on Facebook has opened a whole new world for me. My hubby of 16 years is enjoying the journey as well. :)

  6. I really love the interviews from every blog but yours is the best I read so far.

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